"God's Got Ya Girl is a ministery aimed at helping abused and trafficked girls and women by bringing awareness for those who cannot speak "

While spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost

Mission Statement

To bring awareness to the community of young girls and women who are abused, or human trafficked, by being a voice for those who cannot speak, as they are held captives against their will; while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are lost and hurting. 

About Us

God’s Got Ya Girl is a non-profit ministry aimed at helping the community to bring awareness to Human Trafficking. We want to join the many involved who are desiring to see Human Trafficking stopped, as well as abuse. No one should be misused or abused. No one should look down on another because of their past. God’s Got Ya Girl wants to raise funds to assist in helping women who are bound naturally, as well as spiritually, by donating to these agencies who have safe houses at this time like Traffic 911, and A21 Campaign.

We hope, too,  to open a secure shelter some time in the future to house girls and women rescued from Human Trafficking, and or severe abuse. In addition, we want to educate the community about this dreadful crime that is taking place in our own back yards. The more we are educated, the more protection we can give to our loved ones. It is no longer…..a third world problem. It’s now in our nation and growing quickly on a daily basis.




What We Do

God’s Got Ya Girl Ministry can be considered a central hub for the hurting girls and women. By donating to other like minded nonprofit ministries who have the same vision, and goal as God’s Got Ya Girl, to bring hope and healing and restoration to those who have been severely abused and or misused through sexual exploitation.  

We want to bring awareness through the 2nd Annual God’s Got Ya Girl Women’s Conference Ministry coming up next year, by raising funds to help victims who are currently in safe homes. Our vision is to open a safe home for trafficked victims as well. We are in the planning stages at this time.